Monday, August 2, 2010

Emma & my dreamy life....

Tonight we had a real simple FHE. We had a lesson on tithing, then wrote in Emma's journal, and she drew pictures of our camping trip as part of her entry while Shane & I looked at finances for the month. Then we each had a little bowl of Ice cream (Emma finished hers, and then sat on my lap and "shared" most of mine as well). I then asked Emma if she wanted to walk out with me to check the mail. She said, "No Mom, I'm kinda tired. I'm going up to bed." So, off she went and I didn't hear from her again. Just checked on both kiddos and they are fast asleep. I love that she sometimes puts herself to bed. I think she's still exhausted and recovering from our camping trip this past weekend.

Oh, and this morning, she was up early. Even before Henry, which was a miracle. She crawled in bed with us for a while, and then when she heard Henry stirring, she jumped up to go talk to him in their room. By the time I got there, Emma was squished in the crib with him, tickling his tummy and making him laugh. A very sweet moment I don't want to forget.

I read Cjane's blog the other day, and part of it was about her life as a dream. She wrote about how she doesn't want to wake up from her dreamy dream of a life. My thoughts exactly. I never want to wake up from this dreamy life of mine. Sweet kiddos and an Out of This World Husband, who as I write this is out on a late night milk-run, so Emma won't have to go without in the morning. It seriously doesn't get much better than this.

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