Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Camano...

We haven't had many fun adventures this summer, so when we found out Shane had a 4 day weekend coming up, we quickly threw together a family camping trip. We went up to Camano Island for the first time, and really had a wonderful weekend. It was Henry's first camping trip and I was a bit nervous. (Nothing worse than a crying baby in the middle of the night in a campground waking the whole world up). But...he did wonderful. He still woke up multiple times to eat at night, but then went right back to sleep.

In the morning Henry & Emma would snuggle with us in our sleeping bag, and it was so fun to have a slow start to a beautiful day. Henry would gaze out of the window up at the trees and the leaves, and was sort of enchanted. He would often fall right back to sleep. It was so great. We took these pictures one morning before getting out of bed to make breakfast.

We spent most days at the beach watching the birds, the boats, and playing with rocks. Emma and Shane found quite the collection of treasures, and even dug big holes to get down to the good stuff. They found some sea glass, old bottle caps, and even something that looked like petrified wood.

The hole was just big enough for Henry to sit in, and so of course he did for a few minutes. I can't imagine a hole of rocks was very comfortable, but at least he was a good sport.

Henry spent much of the day hanging out in his saucer while we cooked, built fires, and Emma wandered around the campsite. He loved having his own space, and munched his toys for most of the afternoons.

I love this photo cause it looks like a paparazzi photo from a magazine.

One of the crabs that Shane & Emma found. He was returned safely to his rockpile, don't worry.

Henry smiling while taking a nap on the beach. I would definitely be smiling, too.

Shane taught Emma the ins and outs of vandalism, and left some marks on some of the driftwood we found on the beach. Emma wrote her name and Shane drew some trucks.

This was a big moment for Emma. This was the first tree that she had ever climbed all by herself and she was so proud. A banana slug was injured in the event, however, which she was then obsessed with for the afternoon.

Just outside of Stanwood we found this AMAZING park. It had been custom designed and built to look like a castle, a viking boat and lots of other things. It was a dream come true for Emma. We spent two full afternoons there playing on the toys. It was very cool.

All in all, a great family weekend. The beach was beautiful, and it was so fun to finally have some good family time this summer. I hope to squeeze in one more camping trip this summer. We'll see.


Heather Zwygart said...

Looks like great fun!! That baby is to die for he is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Natalie Murray said...

How fun for you guys! I've been wanting to go camping but have been a bit nervous with a baby! But so much fun! and Nichols park has one of those playgrounds! It's awesome!