Friday, November 9, 2007


So... many of you know that I am in the process of working on my National Boards for teaching. I'm currently in the 2nd year. It is the most challenging process I've ever gone through. Much more intense than even my Masters degree. Scores were released this morning, and I was super close to certifying again, but didn't quite make it. I was more disappointed than you can believe, and now I have one more year to finish the process.

After waking Shane up before work and crying for a bit...he was so sweet and sent me flowers at work. I'm glad I have a sweet husband, and a goofy daughter to get me through a hard day!


Debbi said...

Sorry you didn't pass. I missed passing my driver's ed test by one question I was really disappointed. I am SURE my driver's ed test compares to your national boards! Anyway I eventually passed and so will you!

AJ said...

You are a great example of persistence and determination. You should keep trying, third time is a charm. I am sorry that you did not make it and you can cry all you want. You are so good for focusing on the positive and showing pictures of how great Shane was to you. I think you can do it, just keep trying! If I can help you while we are there let me know. I will film for you, watch you teach or even write you a letter of some sort, just let me know.

Carrie said...

Thanks girls...I'm feeling much better now after spending a few days playing with Emma, and getting focused back on the important things in life. At least I know that I only have 1 entry to do this time around...and it's going to be AWESOME!

JenRocks said...


So sorry to hear that this has been so frustrating for you! My heart goes out to you.

I am so excited to see you all this weekend! I really do miss being around the whole family.

Lots of love, Jen :)