Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Emma can Read!

Here is Emma reading her favorite book right now, "Polar Bear..." She loves to name all the animals as we go. Honestly, it gets a little annoying to read to her after the 10th time in one day. This was the first time she sat down and read it (kind of) on her own. I was so happy!



The Prices said...

What a cutie! I love your little video clips. I need to learn how to put them on my blog.

SimplyMac said...

Carrie- This is so so amazing and fun. After working with the young ones I can feel your joy. How fun! Congratulates you literate parent you!
(This is Aj at Jakes work)

JenRocks said...

I don't see how Emma could get any cuter!!! She is just adorable and so sweet! I wish I could see her everyday!! Lots of love - Aunt Jen :)

raoul said...

I can see that Emma is related to me as shown by her extraodinary ability to recognize different animal species. I want to come play again soon. See you soon. Love, Tom