Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Emma's two favorite things...

1. Horses. She loves her little rocking horse. She loves her horsey pajamas, and she loves "Jesse" from Toy Story 2. She's quite the little cowgirl. At the mall the other day, we let her ride one of the little carousels. While she was on, we kept saying, "hold on tight". She loved it...when it was time to get off, she was upset and cried on the rest of the way out of the mall. Since then, she's said at least a couple of times each day, "Mommy, I hold tight on horsies!" She'll never forget it, and we'll never be able to go to that mall again, without her knowing that it is there.

2. Drawing. Especially on her hands, thank goodness it hasn't translated to the walls yet.

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AJ said...

I love this post! I never knew Emma was such a cowgirl. My little sister used to color all over herself on road trips. She would get out of the car and be covered literally from head to toe. I think by the end of the 6 kids my mom did whatever would keep her quiet and happy for multiple hours.