Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Last night, Emma and I enjoyed our Valentine's Day together. We had dinner, and Emma got pink milk. I remember my mom sometimes colored our milk on holidays, and thought I'd try it. Emma thought it was cool, although she really didn't drink that much of it.

We decided to try and make chocolate covered strawberries, and it was really easy! I melted three different kinds of chocolate chips, and then dipped them all! I rolled some in sliced almonds, and others just drizzled with the other two kinds of chocolate. It was really cute! Much easier than I thought it would be. We took some over to my parents to watch Lost on their new TV. It was very cool to watch it in HD! Emma was a little annoying though, since it was way past her bedtime. I'm not sure we'll try that again anytime soon.

It was a fun day...Emma's feeling better and finally getting over her little cold she's had. She actually slept all through the night last night--which is a first in the last week or so. No waking up asking for milk. It was great! :)

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