Monday, February 25, 2008

Urban Vegetable Gardening

This summer, my plan is to finally do a little gardening. Since we are in a townhouse, with no real yard of our own, I'm looking into learning about container vegetable gardening. If anyone has had some experience with this, please share! I am a beginner, and I'm looking at starting simple.

I'm going to try to grow a few herbs, some tomatoes, and some squash/zuchini. I'm going to have Shane build me some containers that are larger for the tomato plants and their cages and the squash, but I found a website below that had this idea for container gardening in small areas...I thought it looked pretty cool! I might try it of the herbs and lettuce that I'd like to grow in small containers.

You create it out of water/soda bottles and then attach them to some plywood. It creates a vertical growing space, when other space is limited. Pretty cool!

It may look a little ghetto, but I love how it takes up such little space! :) I guess we'll see how much of a green thumb I have as I begin my gardening adventure this spring! :)

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JenRocks said...

That is so awesome!! I just love growing plants, especially edible ones! I am going to at least start an herbal garden container this Spring so I can have fresh cut basil, chives and rosemary! So glad you are starting your own container garden. Love, Jen :)