Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Day

Yesterday, the weather in Seattle was amazing--especially for February. We have a week off school right now for mid-winter break, and we had family here for the weekend since Grandpa Lyons is here visiting. We had all the Folkman's together on Sunday night for dinner, which was so fun! It was probably the first time since Luke's wedding that we've all been together. It's been a great weekend.

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and we went to Rainbow Run to do mini-golf. So fun! At first we were a little bummed that we had to pay for Emma...she's still just a baby to us... but as we played it was so worth five bucks to let her haul around her own putter and golf ball. She had a blast. Here are some cute pictures and videos.

We went with Luke & Lindsay, and Jake and AJ. So fun...they had a lot of patience with Emma, who had a hard time making it through all 18 holes.

Here is "Emma's turn!"

Since we live in Seattle, she never sees her shadow. She was fascinated by it yesterday! She spent a lot of time talking to it, watching it and playing with it!

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