Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bingo Prizes

On Friday night, my school had a community building evening, and we played BINGO with my whole school! It was so fun, we had over 600 people there and some amazing prizes. All of the proceeds went to our school's humanitarian project, Generation Joy. (we send school supplies, clothing, and personal items to orphanages and small schools in South Africa.) Kids helping kids...it's a great thing. :)

Anyway, Emma and I won three times! We were on fire! She won this cardboard lemonade stand/play house that she gets to color, a set of sidewalk chalk, and a mini-golf game. Very fun. Here she is playing in her house, and wishing Shane a happy birthday. It's so cute how she says it... "Haddy Birtday Daddy". Love it..

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The Prices said...

Fun lemonade stand!!!I bet she loves it!