Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Emma's latest milestone

We've been lucky, Emma has never once attempted to climb out of her crib and she's about 2 1/2 years old now. We knew the day would come, but it broke my heart last night when it happened. Last night I put her to bed, and after about 15 minutes, I heart a huge thump and then her screaming. I ran in, and found her face down on the floor, with a look of "What happened!" on her face. She was unharmed other than a little blood in her mouth, she bonked her face on the way down. After a few minutes of tears, she was fine. She was trying to reach her "cars" book that I left on the floor that she could see. I calmed her down and she came in on my bed for a while, we called Shane at work. I asked her to tell Daddy what happened...she said. "I fall down my bed. I hurt my face!" I love her little voice and the her little kid sentences. Of course, I'll be thrilled when she talks like a grown up, but I love the way she communicates now.

So, we're off this weekend to go bed shopping. If any of you have a bunkbed that you've loved, we'd like some tips. We're just going straight to a bunk-bed, so that by the time we have a #2 that's ready for a bed, Emma can move to the top and #2 can have the bottom. I'm hoping it will save time/money in the long run. We're headed to IKEA... :)

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The Prices said...

How fun!! She is going to love having a bunkbed.