Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shane, my sweetie pie!

I know this will be kind of a "cheesy" post, but I just have to share how thoughtful Shane is. We get these super yummy bagels from Costco, the Asiago Cheese Bagels and they are fab! My favorite part is that there is sometimes a little extra cheese that drops down in the hole of the bagel, and gets baked till its a little crispy. It's little, like the size of a nickel, but I love it! Like a little bagel surprise when you pull it out of the bag. Shane and Emma are generally just finishing lunch when I come home, and the other day, Shane had made a bagel sandwich. I walked in and he said, "look what I saved for you!"...and it was the little cheese surprise from the hole in his bagel. I know it's kind of dorky--and totally something that doesn't matter, but isn't that what makes a marriage? All the little tiny insignificant things that add up together?

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The Prices said...

That's really cute! What a sweet husband.