Friday, February 20, 2009

Anne's baptism

Last week was Anne's baptism. Heather did such a beautiful job of putting everything together. It was so fun to have it on Valentines Day. Anne's dress was amazing that Heather made, and Shane was thrilled (and a little emotional) about being the one to baptize her. I'm so proud of Anne and of the beautiful strong girl that she is. She's such a good influence on her siblings.

Here's Shane and Anne before the baptism. Shane was nervous, and Anne was as cute as ever.

The rest are just a few pictures of everyone after the baptism. It was a fun day with family, and there's nothing more sweet than feeling the spirit when someone gets baptized.

A few days later, this is the cute thank you note Shane got from Anne...Shane thinks its so cute he wants to get it framed. :)


JenRocks said...

Carrie - thanks so much for posting photos of Anne's baptism! So cute! The dress Heather made is beautiful and the picture she drew for Shane was totally adorable! I am so sad I missed it. I really enjoyed talking to Anne afterwards as Heather had her call me and tell me how it went, which was great! Love ya, Jen :)

The Davis Family said...

I love his big arms that she drew! Your valentine's day pics are so cute too!!