Saturday, February 7, 2009

A good day...

It's been a bit of a busy week, a little rough at times. But today has been amazing. We were able to get up late this morning, have a lazy breakfast together, play with Emma for a while, drop her off at Grandpa's and then Shane and I went to the temple together. It seems all I needed was to take a short break, a deep breath, and a chance to focus on what is important in my life again. I guess sometimes I surround myself with so much chaos that I don't let the quiet moments come enough to let the spirit in. I'm glad for days like this, and for a husband that seems to just know when I need to go to the temple to get re-energized.

On the way home, we were having the 'what should we do on Valentine's day?' discussion, and decided instead of struggling to find a sitter for Emma, that we are going to have a family Valentines celebration. We're planning a special FHE on Love and Temples. It will include a fancy dinner at home, a visit to the temple grounds with Emma, a look at our wedding pictures, and some family time making valentines & cookies. Most likely we'll end the night with a romantic movie of Emma's choosing (I'm hoping for Enchanted, but realistically we'll probably be watching Ice Age, Wall-e or Incredibles, her current idea of love stories).

I can't imagine anything better than an evening like that with my two favorite people. :)

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BonnieKaye said...

What a fun idea. I remember loving Valentine's Day because my mom would make it special for all of us. She would decorate the table all cute and we would have a nice dinner. It's her favorite holiday.