Sunday, February 8, 2009

FHE & Cookies

Tonight for FHE, Shane's lesson was on the beauties of the earth around us. We sang some songs, talked about all the animals and the earth. Shane started out with..."Thank you all for coming to Family Home Evening," and Emma responded with, "Oh, your welcome Dad". It's amazing how much she is learning each week...sometimes I think this all doesn't really matter yet because she's not really getting alot of it, but then she'll prove me wrong. We had a lesson about the Holy Ghost a few weeks ago, and she still sometimes will stop in the middle of what she's doing and say, "Mom, the Holy Ghost doesn't have a body, but we do have a body. He touches our hearts". In her prayers she's been asking sometimes if the Holy Ghost can get a body. It's pretty funny...but at least she's picking up a little of what we're trying to teach her.

After FHE, we decided to make some cookies. We're trying to clear out all the "bad-for-us" food in the house, and yesterday Shane found a bag of Hershey's kisses, so we decided to make Peanut Butter Kiss cookies. I actually had never made them before, but always loved them when others did. They were really easy, and oh so yummy. Emma got to help push the kisses into the cookies when they were done. Then we all fought over cookies for a while, before wrapping the rest up and taking them to some friends (again to get them out of the house). If we had a couple dozen cookies sitting on the counter, I know most of them would be gone by morning, so we had to get them out. Anyway, it was fun. :)

Shane likes to ask Emma to share everytime she goes to take a first bite of something, and tonight she screamed and turned the other way. She was NOT going to share her cookie without a fight!

It looks like I'm sticking something up my nose, but that's just the knife hanging up on the wall behind us...


JenRocks said...

What a truly 'sweet' evening! I just love your blog because I feel like I can get a glimpse of your lives and see the cute things that you do and the funny things Emma says and everything! Miss you all and love you tons!

Love, Jen :)

AJ said...

I don't think it is possible for me to love Emma any more than I do. She is so amazing.
She is so amazing because of you guys! You and Shane both are so amazing and even more amazing together!
Love you guys!