Friday, June 5, 2009

Emma's art wall

Emma loves to draw, and because of that, our refrigerator was becoming overrun with pictures. She was sad if we ever recycled anything, so we decided to have an art wall. Here is the first exhibit. It really looks beautiful, and she is so proud of her work.

The picture below is my favorite. Its a drawing of our family. I'm on the left (My antennae are really "ponies" as Emma calls pony tails. She also gave me a little beard). Shane is in the middle, with shaggy hair and goatee and all! Emma is on the right, as cute and tiny as a button.

It makes me smile EVERY time I look at it!


JenRocks said...

That is the cutest drawing!! So sweet! I love it!

Tom and Emily said...

That is darling... Wait until she is in school... I literally have tree's worth of papers that Brinkley won't let me get rid of.