Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why I love summer...

Two main reasons...

1. I don't have to work.

2. Most importantly, Shane works day shift.

With Shane working days, we have a normal family life for the summer. Daddy is home in the evenings, and we get more family time together. It's wonderful, and really makes the summer so much sweeter. Last night was our first real FHE of the season. We usually do FHE on Sunday nights, since that is our night together, but last night, we were able to enjoy our Monday night family night.

We went and played at the purple park, and spent a while watching the hang-gliders and parasailers. We picked up some ice cream cones, and then went to Lake Sammamish stake park to eat ice cream, watch the sun set, and after finding out how windy it was, fly kites. It was such a fun time. We then came home and had a mini-lesson on saying sorry before bed. (Emma's been struggling with this lately). We talked about when Nephi was building the ship and his brothers were mean. They later said they were sorry, and helped him build the boat. This morning, Emma's been walking around the house with the gospel art book, talking about building the boat, and his mean friends. I just hope some of this sticks with her.

I really love summer time. I thought of one more..

3. My container garden is blooming! Strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli galore--just a few more weeks!

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