Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AJake is gone...

Just wanted to wish my brother Jake and his cutie-patootie wife AJ well on their new adventure. They officially left today to move to the Philippines, where they will be working and playing and traveling for a year.

We will miss you guys so much. I just hope you don't decide your really like it over there, and stay longer. That would suck.

Have fun! Wish we could visit. Don't forget to bring me back some cute black-market handbags. :) We will really miss you, especially Emma. Have a good trip!


The Prices said...

Fun!! What will they be doing in the Phillipines? My little bro would be jealous--that is where he served his mission.

AJ said...

Thanks for this post Carrie. We miss you guys tons and tons. Christmas does not seem too far away at all! Thanks for the posts it is so nice to still feel "connected". Tell Effer we say hello.

Love you guys so much