Monday, August 3, 2009

boring, but nice...

I haven't blogged for a while, but I've still been enjoying summer. Last week during the heat wave, we were at the beach almost everyday. Emma spent hours splashing in the water. One day we spent 4 hours at the beach, and then another 2 at the pool at Jake and AJ's. It's been wonderful.

I've starting teaching my summer class...luckily it's only 3 weeks...and going by quickly. I did enjoy the "stay-at-home" mom time that I had for the first month of summer. I loved waking up and planning my day with adventures to do with Emma. I love teaching, too...but it's hard to go back after having so much time off.

Now, I have one more week of class, then a week in Utah...and then summer is pretty much over. It goes by too quickly. I really loved this summer downtime..Did I already say that?

As I type, Emma just painted my toenails with a purple marker, mine now match hers. It's lovely. Emma wants us to go up and show how pretty we are to Dad. Off we go...

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