Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Summer fun...

During the heat wave last week, we spent almost everyday at the beach. Even Zoey and grandma joined in on the fun. We found a great spot in the shade, that kept us very cool, and Emma loved the water. I love living near a lake...5 minutes to pure refreshment!

Last week, we took dinner to a friend who had just had foot surgery. While there, Emma was rewarded with a fudgesicle. She ate it, but then fell asleep on the way home, and this is what I found in the back seat. It was pretty cute. :) Chocolate everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago, all the Folkman's went crabbing up to Kayak point, which was really fun, but not too successful. Although, I'm pretty sure someone had pulled up our pots, and cleaned out the crab, before we got back to them. Anyway, this was one little one we caught off the dock, and I actually dared to touch it. I felt so brave!

Here's Emma swimming with Aunt Lindsay. It was a fun day.

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