Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lyons Family Reunion 2009

The main reason for my Utah trip this summer was to head down for the Lyons family reunion in Ogden. We got to spend lots of fun visiting with family, especially Grandpa Lyons. I think he was ready ready for some peace and quiet by the time we left, but Emma especially really loved spending time with Great Grandpa Lyons. She liked to wander around in the yard with him in the mornings, and even got to appreciate the deliciousness of a fresh tomato from his garden. It was a wonderful time.

Here are some shots from the reunion. My cousin Shannon, came up with a cute lion craft, since we are Lyons. All the little kids loved it. Here's Emma with her lion face.

Ashley and Caleb working on their lion faces...

All the kids a-craftin'. :)

The kids were provided water balloons for a water toss, but of course it immediately turned into a full blown water fight including the adults. Here is Emma providing Grandpa with his own cup of water to defend himself. Just moments later, he reached over and drenched Scott with it. Grandpa is so sly...
More water fun...
Watch out! No one is safe!
The kids getting some balloons before the adults take them all.
More water flying, be careful. :)
The water toss game for the kids.
More kids...
Earlier in the week, we went to the zoo with a bunch of the family that was in town. It was fun to spend time with everyone.

Emily & Colter
Carly & Paige
All the kids with the Eagle, the bird show was amazing, and totally worth the whole zoo experience. The kids loved it!
Aspen got to be called up and have a pigeon land on her arm. She did a great job.

Such a fun time, I really am grateful for time to spend with family members, and I'm sad we don't live closer to everyone.

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AJ said...

I am really sad we missed this. I love family reunions. However, I am not sad we missed the water fight. A secret about me is that I HATE getting wet unexpectedly. And I permanently do not like people who get water in my face on purpose.