Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blackberries vs. Recklings

I think it's a tie. We left with a bunch of berries, but my arms and legs show the battle wounds.

I tried my first batch of blackberry jam today, but it didn't make much, so Emma and I headed out this evening in search of some good bushes. We found the jackpot at the church across the street, and hope they don't mind we picked their wild blackberries. I don't feel too guilty since blackberries are like weeds here.

The first batch turned out yummy, but I only got three jars, so with what we picked tonight, I should be able to get another 8-9 jars of jam made tomorrow. I'm feeling very domestic-goddess like today. Picking berries, and then preserving them. Very fun...and it feels good. Emma and I enjoyed a yummy snack of bread with fresh jam before bed. A nice way to spend the day.

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AJ said...

I loved picking blackberries by my house each summer. the last few years i was home from college seth, kendall and I would do this every monday for FHE. I went picking with my mom when i was just there. very fond memories.

i would kill for some of that jam right now.