Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm ok with the speech...

So amid all the controversy of the President's speech today to students, I had to make a decision. Our district let us know if was up to the individual teacher to decide whether or not to show the speech in our classrooms. I read the text online last night, and found it in my view to be totally appropriate.

To make sure that it wasn't just my liberal-self with my rose colored glasses on, I had my not-so-liberal husband (complete opposite actually) read the text also, and let me know what he thought. We were in agreement, the speech was appropriate, and seemed to be a proper way for the leader of our country to start out the year. Encourage students to be their best selves. Show them that they are important, especially to the leaders of our country. Ask them to be responsible for their own learning, and encourage them to be the leaders of tomorrow. If you missed it, read the text here...or watch the videos below.

After the speech, we had a great class discussion, about what the point was, how students felt about it, etc. I'm so impressed with my 8th graders. What wonderful students they are, and I'm excited for what their future brings.


AJ said...

i was SO inspired. there are so many in this country who need a role model. what a great way for the President to take on that role.

Tom and Emily said...

Hey Carrie,

Sorry it took forever to get you the Mary Kay stuff... It came the day I was leaving for Powell. I'm you got it ok and thanks a million!!!! for letting us borrow your face :)

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Love and miss you guys!