Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dance Recital


Actually, instead of "dance recital" I think we should call it "pay alot of money, put on a cute costume, look adorable and chew your fingers recital". There was not alot of actual dancing done by Emma, she gets really shy in front of alot of people. She sure looked cute, though. There were only 3 kids in her little class.

It was funny, on Thursday when we went to the dress rehearsal, she saw another girl with her costume on, and shouted, "Look Mommy, we match!" She didn't quite get the whole costume thing. She had fun, and I'm sure will dance a little more next year. It was funny. :)


footprintsinclay said...

What a darling costume! Emma looks so adorable! I love that she is a full head taller than her fellow dance members! :)

Tom and Emily said...

That is so funny... Ashley's dance recital was the same. I can't believe I paid all that money and she totally didn't even know the dance. But, she loved the costume!

Natalie Murray said...

Oh My! She is so cute! Reminds me of her mother! :)