Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Farm

Ok, so you are probably as sick as Shane is with hearing about the farm, but it was fun to go out and finally start the summer season this week. We got bok choy, lettuce, new potatoes, salad mix, sage, oregano and we got to pick our strawberries right from the field. We snacked on a few while we were out there. It's early in the season, so this week was mainly greens. More and more will be added each week. After we picked up our items from the barn and picked our strawberries we walked around and visited the animals. There were some baby pigs, and so I asked Emma what we should name them because we'd be stopping by each week. It was decided their names were to be "Jake & AJ". So, we'll be visiting them at the farm each week. Maybe we'll take the real AJake with us when they get home next month. Anyway, it was awesome. Can't wait to go back next week. :)

"Jake & AJ"

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footprintsinclay said...

Jake and AJ must be "flattered" by her loving naming of such cute critters! ;)

I would love a trip to a farm to pick our own veggies! The closest I may get this year is paying a lady from church to bring us back a 20-lb box of blueberries that somebody else will pick.

C'est la vie!

P.S. I LOVE all the baby pics! :)