Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"The New Toy"

As Henry gets more and more interactive each day, Emma enjoys playtime with him more and more. Here he is lined up with her bunny and bear for some good times. (If you could see his face, it would be clear that he is very annoyed) :)

"Going Green"

I'm on day 3 of the cloth diaper experience. Overall, it has gone very smooth. I'm feeling good and hope to continue this project. He still wears disposables at night, but I've already cut out about 6 diapers a day from going to the landfill. Feeling good...

"Playing with Friends"

We had some of Emma's friends over this week to play for an entire day, and Emma was in heaven. These two little girls are adorable and I can see how fun it would be to have kids close in age to each other. They had fun playing for hours!

"Climbing Trees"

Emma has discovered the joy of climbing a tree. Now, EVERY tree we see, she has to find out if it can be climbed. It's fun, but daunting at times when you just want to get to the park. I'm glad she's getting more and more brave and trying new things.


Fritzi Marie said...

Dear Carrie,

I am in LOVE with your blog. Thank you for letting me chat your ear off at the park today. I had the most fun.

love love,

footprintsinclay said...

I love Emma's adorable dress!! I also think that is cool that you are trying clothe diapers. We are looking into doing clothe diapers too! I have my 3rd prenatal visit today and am being over hopeful that I might get a peek at baby's gender, even though I am only 15 weeks. I have a friend that was unofficially told at 12 weeks by the ultrasound technician the sex of both her babies and they were right on. Fun fun!