Friday, June 18, 2010

Scream and Shout...

Good News:

1. School is out. Yeah for summer & no work.

2. It's 8:20 and both kids are asleep. A miracle. We are celebrating by having an exciting night in watching a movie and eating 'microwave mug o-brownies' a la mode. What a date night. Our life is super exciting. (Except...I hear Shane snoring on the bed upstairs...maybe I'll be enjoying my own movie tonight)

3. Our first farm day is tomorrow. We get to go out and pick up our box of vegetables and hopefully pick a few things ourselves from the fields. I'm sure I'll take a million pictures--so come back soon.

4. Finally decided to bite the bullet, and I'm trying some cloth diapers. I bought the old school kind, because they are the cheapest. We'll see how they work. Got some good deals on

Mickey Henry
Bad News:

1. I think I'm turning into a hippie.

{And, just to make your day, look at the cute picture of Henry from the Noble BBQ last weekend. I could just eat him up.}

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