Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Drive up the Pass

Henry in all his bed-head glory (Emma took this photo--not bad, right?)

This morning, we rolled out of bed and went to our church for the Friends of Scouting breakfast. We had pancakes, eggs and orange juice. Yummy. We got to see all the boys earn some of their merit badges. I'm excited for when Henry is old enough to do scouting. Shane is excited, too. :)

Then, we decided it was a nice day, so we went for a drive up the pass to see the snow. It was fun driving around, and Emma loved playing in the snow with Shane. Henry and I hung out in the cold for a bit, but then retreated to the car to enjoy some warmth and snacks while Emma and Henry ran circles around the Tahoe throwing snow. It was a fun morning. :)

Emma took this one of her new shoes...only $2.34 on clearance at Target!

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