Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner with Grandpa Lyons

Great Grandpa Lyons and all the Folkman grandkids.

We were lucky to have Grandpa Lyons visiting this week for the family potluck. Its so fun to have him in town. I wish we could see him more. The kids all love him, and watching them interact with him reminds me of being a kid around him. He's such a wonderful man, I feel blessed for having him as an example every day of my life. He tells the best stories, and has the most interesting insights into life. Today he shared a scripture with me, and then went on to discuss it with my dad for 1/2 hour. I feel an overwhelming desire to record everything that comes out of his mouth. Today, I turned on the microphone on my phone, and slipped it by him as he told some stories. I want to remember them forever.

He reminds me so much of my dad--both amazing men. I miss the ear pulls he used to give us as a kid. :)

Emma particularly ferocious while playing air-hockey.

Grandpa Folkman teaching Henry to play catch.

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