Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Emma and her First Lost Baby Tooth!

While it may appear that Emma was in a bar-brawl today, we have just had an eventful week.

On Sunday morning when Emma went in to give Henry a hug, she was attacked with infant excitement, which resulted in a rather bad bite on her nose. This is now day 4 and its looks alot better, but you can still see baby teeth marks on the tip of her nose. I couldn't help but laugh, but Emma was adamant that it was very painful.

She's been playing with a loose tooth for a couple of weeks now, and finally this morning, she pulled it out all by herself. It happened while I was a work. Shane was there. He saw it. Held it, and then she ran off to wash it off in the sink, when... of course. Down the drain it went. So tonight, instead of a tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy, she had me write a note. It says...

"Dear Tooth Fairy, my tooth went down the drain. Maybe its at the dump. Love, Emma, Mom and Dad".


footprintsinclay said...

Congratulations Emma, on your first lost tooth! Your smile is adorable! Sorry it went down the drain, but hopefully you can put your next tooth under your pillow! Love you - aunt Jen :)

The Davis Family said...

So funny! I bet she was devastated when it happened though!