Saturday, March 5, 2011

Henry's Birthday!

We had a low key day for Henry's birthday on Thursday. The poor little guy has been suffering from a cold the last week or so, and it got worse this week with his first ear infection. He had a fever, couldn't sleep, and had to take that yucky pink medicine. Finally he's feeling back to normal now, but his birthday was just a day in the middle of all the craziness. We're having a family party next week, to make sure he is feeling better. It should be fun. :)

I think Henry had a good day. Emma really wanted to get him his own pillow pet, so we bought him a mini-size, a green frog. It's cute how much he likes it. In bed at night, he snuggles his face right up to it when he goes to sleep. We also got him a little dump truck. He was happy. We were in no condition to make a cake, so we stopped by the cupcake shop and picked up some cupcakes to eat. They were delicious! Emma got a chocolate mint, Henry a vanilla, and Shane and I got our favorite: Royal Velvet. Mmmmm....

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footprintsinclay said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Such adorable photos! Looks like everyone had fun in the snow. Wis we could get together more often. Miss you guys!!