Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lately from Shane's phone

 Henry loves sweets.  Here he is enjoying a doughnut with Dad, at the Father's and Sons campout.  Shane had to work on Friday night, so they just got up early the next morning to spend the Saturday with everybody. 

 Last night, after a busy day of helping Pete and Becca move into their new house and being stuck in Seattle traffic after visiting Hardwicks' hardward store, we needed some quiet family time.  So we went and played at the beach of the State Park for a while. 

Henry and Shane splashed and played in the water until they were completely soaked.  Emma built sandcastles down the beach from where we were sitting.  Levi was exhausted, and was scared of the noise the little waves made from the boats as they passed.  It was such a fun time to just sit and let the kids get completely dirty.

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