Thursday, July 19, 2012

Downtown Issaquah 4th of July

 We celebrated a wonderful 4th of July again this year. It was busy as always, but oh so fun.  We started the day off early at 8:00 with the Flag Raising ceremony at the church along with homemade cinnamon rolls.  Then we came home for breakfast (since there are never enough cinnamon rolls for everyone).  And headed over the downtown for the 4th of July fun.  We always skip the parade so we can have a turn on the ponies and the bouncy toys before the masses arrive.  It was fun as always.  We walked around and got to see the firetrucks, which was Henry (& probably Shane's) favorite part. 

 Henry was a little upset ha had to get off the horse.
 But, we quickly distracted him with the recycling truck. 

 Emma running the obstacle course.

 The family with the firetrucks. 

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