Sunday, July 1, 2012

Emma's Kindergarten Graduation

We can't believe Emma is done with Kindergarten.  Even harder to believe is that she will go to school next year for a full day.  It seems weird that my sweet little girl will be gone from home 7+ hours a day.  She still seems to little for that. 

She did a wonderful job in Kindergarten this year.  She made lots of friends, and loved her teacher Mrs. Duke.  She learned so much about reading, writing, music and art.  She misses school already and is working in a workbook everyday this summer.

 We all went to see her little graduation ceremony and they had a little reception in the classroom afterwards, with cake and juice.  She'll be graduating in the class of 2024.  Seems very weird.  

 Here are some things about Emma this year: 
  • Favorites!
    • food:  "pancakes"
    • color: "purple, pink and red"
    • toy:  "My innotab"
    • game:  "Uno Spin"
    • cartoon:  "My little Pony".
    • movie:  "Brave"
  • I really like to wear... "my flower shirt and my pink pants".
  • When I grow up I want to be... "A ballet teacher."
  • I would describe myself as.... "I am a dancer, cause I dance alot". 
  • I wish... "that I had a pet bird, a parakeet". 
  • My favorite memory... "going to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Cause it had so much tickets.  So much games.  So much quarters".
  • I love it when... "my brother Levi laughs at me". 
  • The best thing about me is... "that I'm a good ballet dancer and hip hop dancer".  
  • When I get older I want to ... "babysit Levi and Henry".  
  • I really look up to... "be like Savannah.  Because I want to learn to take care of birds like her". 
  • I want to practice... "babysitting Levi and Henry all by myself with no grown up around".   

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