Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lately from Carrie's Phone

 This was the view one morning at 4:15, after getting up to feed Levi.  It was beautiful, and I snapped a quick picture before I went back to bed for a couple hours. 

 Last night, Emma and I ran to spend some time at Derby Days.  Shane stayed home with the boys and we enjoyed a quiet evening, snacking on chocolate covered strawberries, playing Uno Spin, and watching the fireworks.  Luke, Lindsay and Maren joined us too.  It was a fun night. 
Here is Shane and Henry, waiting for the fireworks on the 4th of July to being, at Bellevue downtown park. 

 Emma dressed Levi up in her fairy wings and he spent an hour or so being a really big bug. :) 

 I found this old letter from my Grandma Doris this week while cleaning out my classroom at school.  She was always so sweet about sending cards and notes with a few dollars in them while I was in College.  I sure miss her.  She was one of the sweetest women ever to grace this world. 

 My little man Levi and I like to hang out on the grass while the big kids play.  He sure is a happy camper and is great company to share some strawberries with. 

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