Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shane!

My sweetie turned 29 yesterday. We had such a fun time. He got to go out to breakfast with his family in the morning, and then we went to a nice dinner with Emma at Jak's (our favorite little steakhouse here in Issaquah). After my night class, we went to see "Race to Witch Mountain"...which let me just say, was not my choice, but it was his birthday and there weren't many options out there, and I let him choose. It was fun, but cheesy to the max, and was mainly chosen since it had the Rock in it, and there were really no movies starting at the time we could go. Anyway, I hope he had a great day.

Since he's a St. Patrick's day baby, I tried to make rainbow angel food cake with whipped cream (for the clouds), and golden coins for the pot of gold. It was a good attempt, but didn't turn out that "cute". But, it was yummy and more healthy than normal since it was angel food instead of regular cake.

He got a new jacket to wear in the rain, camping stuff for this summer, painting stuff so he can turn into Bob Ross on his days off, and movies to chill with. It was fun to have him take the day off so we could play. :)

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