Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ray Romano & Brad Garrett

Well, last night we went to a comedy show in Seattle. We love "Everybody loves Raymond" and thought it would be fun to go see Ray Romano & Brad Garrett. John Manfrellotti started out the night, (Gianni on the show). He was pretty funny. Ray then came out and he was very funny, we laughed so hard, but then Brad Garrett appeared and we were just counting the minutes until he got off stage. He was inappropriate and vulgar most of the time. It was horrible. He seems like a sad, bitter man.

As soon as he was off the stage, Ray came back out and they did a Q&A time and then showed outtakes from their show, that were hilarious. Overall, a fun night.

It was fun to do something different than dinner & a movie. Before the show, we went out to eat at a new Italian place, "Spazzo, Italian Grill" it was super yummy, and both of us tried something new. Shane had cannoli and I had seared scallops and butternut squash risotto. Super yummy! After the show, we ended the evening with a burger-master shake.

Thanks to Jake & AJ for watching Emma! :) It was a late night for you two, and I"m sorry you had to get up for work this morning!

It was fun, but we're going to steer clear of comedy shows, even if we think they won't be inappropriate, because you never really know! I know that there are some family friendly comedy clubs in Seattle that we might try in the future.


The Prices said...

That i stoo bad that he was vulgar. I hate how people think they have to be gross and crude to be funny. Your meal sounds WONDERFUL. I need to come visit and try it!

Cheryloxx said...

I'll be sure to let you know when Comedy Court has a show. We're so appropriate that I'm going to offer a free show to our ward for an activity night. With that kind of sponsor, you have to be willing to give it a shot! :o)