Friday, April 18, 2008

The Zoo!

We decided to buy a membership to the Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium. I'm so excited to go this summer! :) Last week, we stopped by the zoo on the first beautiful day of spring and it was so great! We only stayed a couple of hours, and it was nice not to have to squeeze everything into one visit. The next day, we did the Seattle Aquarium. It was perfect, Emma can run through the exhibits and see all of the fish, otters and seals, in about an hour. I'm so excited for all of our many visits!

We get 1/2 off anyone who wants to go to the zoo with us, so come on! Let's go see some animals!


Leslie said...

I love the zoo!! We wanted to go today, but didn't. Ended up going to the Monte L. Bean Museum!!! Same idea, just not as much fun

The Prices said...

I wish we had a good Zoo close!!:(