Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I just mailed off my final round of my National Boards. I'm so glad I have it finished, now it's just a waiting game until November, until I find out if I passed or not. I feel really good about it this year, and am praying that I never have to worry about it again! It's just nice to put it in the mail and let it go!

I had to wait in line forever at the post office today since they made my due day the same day as tax day...what were they thinking?!


The Prices said...

Congrats. I know that feeling of just handing it off and saying"I am done"--It is such a relief. I hope it all goes well for you. November is a long time to wait!

JenRocks said...

Yay Carrie!! I hope this is it!! I am so sorry to hear about your Mission President! It made me reminisce about my president who I havent' seen in about 8 years or so . . . what great men!!

I am also so excited about your east coast trip planning!!! It would be SO AWESOME to show around some of the AMAZING east coast historical sites!! Yippee!!