Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break!

All I can say is, Its about time! I'm so happy I have this week off! I plan on soaking up time with Shane & Emma, and having fun, fun, fun! We're hoping to do a bit more than just chill around the house, but so far, Emma and I have had a fun day at home.

We painted Emma's nails for the first time this morning.

Here's Emma's new bed...we're in the transition phase, and she is getting up out of bed multiple times a night. Last night we found her laying down outside of our bedroom door. She knew if she came in, we'd send her to bed, so she just camped out by the door. Hopefully she'll get over this "i'm free" phase pretty soon. We put the anti-toddler doorknob things on the inside of her door, so starting tonight, she won't be able to get out. Hopefully it will help. :)

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Leslie said...

We had to put Jayce in a bed way early so that we could have the crip for Emily! It is tough the first couple of weeks, but when they get it down, it is so nice!! Hang in there! Kylee is still horrible and gets up every now and then for a drink of water or even to come into bed with us. We are trying to break that habit!!!