Monday, June 23, 2008

Camping Part I...

So, school got out on Thursday at 9:42, and we took off immediately to go camping for the weekend. We went out to a place on the coast called Mora. It's the most beautiful campground, less than a mile from the beach, and right outside of the towns Forks & La Push (for you Twilight fans). Shane and I have been going here to camp since our dating days, and we try to go back every summer. We love it. I finished the Eclipse book on Friday afternoon on the beach at La Push...what better spot? Everywhere we went, I was looking for vampires and werewolves and Shane was rolling his eyes. So fun. I'll be posting a lot of pictures, so here's part 1:

Here are Shane & Emma at our campsite at Mora. We were worried it would be a busy weekend, but there weren't many people there. It was nice to spend so much time together. It's been a very busy spring!

My cutie-pies on the beach. Emma finally smiled for a picture when I said, "smile!" She had just gotten soaked to the bone earlier (see video below). She ran full force toward the water, and didn't stop in time. After only 5 minutes at the beach, we had a full wardrobe change. :)

Here Emma and I are at Rialto Beach. It's just beautiful, huge logs wash up on shore, and they are great for climbing and exploring.

Here's was quite cold all weekend, but Emma was a trooper! :)

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