Monday, June 16, 2008

Tom and Jamie's wedding

Tom, my oldest brother got married on Saturday to his sweetie Jamie. She's so wonderful, and we are very happy that they have found each other. It was a beautiful day, and so fun to visit with everyone that was in town for the wedding. Here are some highlights. :)

Here's Tom and his best man, Matt. They met on the bus on their way to kindergarten in Utah. They're still best buds. After our family moved to Seattle, Matt moved a few years later, and they've remained friends after 25+ years. So cool!

Here's Tom, Jamie & the Folkman siblings/parents.

Our little Reckling Family.

Tom & Jamie!

My cutie-pie Shane. I think he looks so cute in the picture! I love you sweetie!

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NatalieMurray said...

Tell Tom Congratulations!! That is awesome & we are happy for him! Your family is so cute!! Tell them all hi!