Monday, June 23, 2008

Y por fin...

Here's a cool old tree at our campsite.

I accidentally took one picture as the camera flipped, and it was so cool! So Jake, took a bunch of pictures of AJ & Emma, and they turned out so awesome!

Here we are at Rialto again on our last day, we finally had a super-sunny day. (We were lucky to get even one). Emma loved throwing all the rocks, she could have continued forever.

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JenRocks said...

Yay!! I kept checking your blog going 'this is so unlike Carrie' to go this many days without posting! So glad you had such a fun time camping out! I am so jealous that I couldn't be there. Totally reminds me of the Kalaloch beach days with Guy and Erin! Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend! Thanks for satisfying my 'The Recklings' craving!! Love, Jen :)