Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I love being a teacher...

I need to be able to laugh at myself, so here goes...

So, I keep cereal at work, with some milk in my mini-fridge so I don't have to get up early enough to eat breakfast at home. I have paper bowls and spoons there also. I usually teach 1st period and then while they get started on homework, I eat a quick bowl of cherrios.

So today, I realized that I was out of spoons. I had already poured the milk on the cereal, and I couldn't go into the building to find a spoon. (I'm out in a portable--so it's a long trek). I looked around my room for anything that I could possibly use, and couldn't find a thing! I tried to just drink the cereal out of the bowl, but that wasn't working. Finally, I opened my drawer and found a plastic ruler. It was wide enough to use as a spoon. So I cleaned it off, and away I ate. It worked great, and I got to eat my cereal before it got soggy.

Sad I know. :) I guess I should have had enough self-respect to just let the cereal get soggy. But I'm a teacher, I'm resourceful! :)

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