Monday, June 2, 2008

My favorite phrases...

So Emma repeats just about everything she hears now, and has quite the list of cute things she says. Here's some of my fav's...

"Oh my goodness"
"Poor baby" (from Grandma Reckling)
"Yeah, well...anyways"
"No fair!"
"Look at me!" (While she puts my face in both hands and pulls it toward her).
"Dangit" (not proud of this one, thankfully we've replaced it for the most part with shoot and oh my goodness.)
"What the heck?" (again, not proud)
"I'm talkin' to Jake!" (Anytime she's playing with a phone, she always imagines she's talking to Uncle Jake.)
"I love you, mommy"
"good night"
"thank you"
"you're welcome"
"I don't need a binky..."

I'm so happy about the binky phrase, we've been dreading the time when we take away the binky, but it happened kind of naturally this week, with no major meltdowns. She still asks for it at night, but then immediately follows with the "I don't need a binky..." something I've repeated to her multiple times a day.

The thank you and you're welcome are a great addition. Last night, Emma was in bed trying to go to sleep when I turned off the hall light by her room from downstairs. I heard her over the monitor, "Mommy, can you turn on the light?". I went and turned on the light and then I heard her yell a "thank you" again over the monitor.

On the opposite side of things, she's suddenly decided that crying is a good reaction when she doesn't get her way. We're trying to nip that in the bud quickly. :)


The Prices said...

I like the "Yeah, well..anyways" that is too cute. Our little one says "What the.."(we aren't proud of it either--we blame older sister and brothers!) He is replacing it with his favorite SpongeBob saying which is "Oh Tartar sauce!" Again--not really proud of but he says it soooo cute that you can't help but laugh!

NatalieMurray said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! I haven't seen pictures of her since you were down last year sometime! Crazy how big they get!! Cute!